New Book

Putting children to bed is a tricky thing. My husband and I have three beautiful, spirited and brilliant little ones ranging in age from 7 to 8 months old. Since our newest addition, bedtime, which used to go somewhat smoothly has taken a turn for the worse. The older kids, do anything to stay up later and have some extra Mommy time. One of the newer tactics I have seen is enticing me to have some thoughtful conversations with them right as I turn out the light. These are questions that are powerful and I don’t want to shortchange the conversation, so I end up talking much longer than anticipated. The new book A Mother’s Love, Sleep Tight was inspired by my children. Each night as I tuck them into bed they would ask questions. “How much do you love me, Mommy?,” “Will you always be here with us?” This book chronicles some of the answers that I give to them about my love for them which is, as all mammas know, all encompassing.

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