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But How will we water it?

In our homeschooling, we are working on learning a bit about the water cycle. You might remember the old kids hand-motion that show evaporation, condensation and precipitation. As we are learning away, making references to our new garden and delineating what is needed for… Continue Reading “But How will we water it?”

Virtual Parties

How do you throw a virtual baby shower in these unusual times? Learn more about what I did to make it work.

If You Build it- They will Grow

During the course of this pandemic, my husband had to go to the doctor’s office. The person in front of him in line was dismissed for having COVID-like symptoms, so out of abundance of caution, we decided to do a little “in home” quarantine… Continue Reading “If You Build it- They will Grow”

If A Tree Falls…

Pandemic. There are so many stressful pieces of pandemic. Since so many of my household members are in the high-risk category, we are really limiting our interactions with people and trying to find ways to entertain ourselves. One positive is that I am doing… Continue Reading “If A Tree Falls…”

Uprooting Life

So I have been reading all about plants. I figure if I am going to be a gardener and figure out how to live off the land, or just grow a tomato, I am going to have to learn something about plants in general.… Continue Reading “Uprooting Life”

Easing Into the Dirt

I have a background in academics and I know nothing about growing things. But I am bound and determined to learn. So we started simple. No actual growing of things. We made faerie gardens for the deck! I found tons of cute little faeries… Continue Reading “Easing Into the Dirt”

The Accidental Gardener

I live on 4 acres of beautiful property with about 6 or more seriously beautiful gardens. They are the kind of gardens that just pop up every spring. For the last few years while I have been busy with kids I haven’ done much… Continue Reading “The Accidental Gardener”

Zoo House

Welcome to my blog. I am a mother, wife, daughter, new gardener, storyteller, youth minister, non-profit worker, sometimes successful chef who resides in Minnesota. My three-generation household consists of three spirited children, husband and parents. We live in 4 acres of land and we really have no idea what we are doing. Having grown up in Brooklyn, New York, where I had a concrete yard, and spending more than half of my life in academics, I am learning to love gardening, baking and all things nature. With the support of my extended family we have decided to home-school our children this next year and that should be an experience! Read my blog to find out more about things that interest me! I started writing children’s books when I was in elementary school and continued through the years. I finally decided to try my hand at publishing.