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Experimenting With the AeroGarden

It has been a number of months that we have had the Aerogarden and most of our plants have grown beautifully, despite my attempts to harvest (which end up being more like bad haircuts). For the dill, I trimmed more than one third of… Continue Reading “Experimenting With the AeroGarden”

Inch by Inch

We are finally planting our starter plants into the dirt…

But How will we water it?

In our homeschooling, we are working on learning a bit about the water cycle. You might remember the old kids hand-motion that show evaporation, condensation and precipitation. As we are learning away, making references to our new garden and delineating what is needed for… Continue Reading “But How will we water it?”

If You Build it- They will Grow

During the course of this pandemic, my husband had to go to the doctor’s office. The person in front of him in line was dismissed for having COVID-like symptoms, so out of abundance of caution, we decided to do a little “in home” quarantine… Continue Reading “If You Build it- They will Grow”

How Does Your Garden Grow?

As you know, I am easing into gardening. Slowly but surely. I decided an inside garden might be the most effective kind of garden to have. After doing some research, I bought an aerogarden. The concept is that the garden grows in water and… Continue Reading “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

Counting My Blessings

I am wondering if the flowers were as beautiful last year. This year, I seem to have focused more on them. Maybe because my family is trying hard to stay put and life seems a bit simpler. Maybe I have had more time to… Continue Reading “Counting My Blessings”

Connecting to School Through the Dirt

My 5 year old son’s preschool teachers sent him some seeds. Marigold seeds. I hear marigolds are hearty– kind of like my little guy. He is full of personality, runs and does not seem to know how to walk anywhere and enjoys getting dirty… Continue Reading “Connecting to School Through the Dirt”