Embracing the Winter Season

This year, after talking through the options of what we could do to keep our kids active and keep them safely away from others we decided that we needed to embrace winter.

Usually, I am grumpy about winter coming. It is going to be cold. I will have to shovel. Commuting will be awful. I will get home later, start dinner later and just wait for light to reappear in the sky. But this year has been quite the opposite. Since I am working from home, I don’t have to drive in the snow. There is no getting up extra early to shovel out the car and pray while driving into work on icy road. I simply pop out of bed at the normal time and start my day. I have to shovel but with the extra time I have from not commuting, it isn’t a problem– it is a pleasure to get outside. I even found myself enjoying the snowfall and saying “how beautiful it is…it looks like a winter wonderland.” Who is with me? This has been a lovely snowy winter.

But, with the pandemic in full swing, and homeschooling still happening in our house, I have been trying to get my children to embrace the beauty of the snow. We bought everyone snow sleds and a snowman kit to encourage outdoor play. Every day, I make sure the kids get on their snow gear and head outside for at least an hour to play and enjoy nature. And, since it has been a fairly warm winter (above 10 most days) it has been lovely for playing in the snow!

The kids have a big hill outside our house and absolutely love climbing on their sleds and heading down the hill over and over again. Even our one year old, loves going out and making snow angels and playing in the new-fallen snow.

I think the biggest change is that I have been going with them. I bought myself a pair of snow pants and mittens and I head out with the kids. For the first time in years, I am enjoying sledding, building snowmen and playing with the kids in snow! I love coming inside and having hot chocolate and sitting by the fire.

I have a new-found love for the snow, the winter season and a slower pace of life. How has the pandemic changed your perspective for the better? What do you to to pass time in the winter and get the kids moving?

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