Halloween in Pandemic

So here we are, in the midst of a pandemic and we are weekly reinventing how we interact in the world. So what do we do about Halloween? Because we have a bunch of high-risk people in our house we are looking for some Halloween alternatives in our house. So here is what I am planning to do to keep if fun for the kids! Let me preface this with the fact that I really enjoy Halloween and we usually go to a number of fun Halloween events– so I felt like I needed to make a couple of fun events for the kids!

Part One: Halloween Zoom Party

We are having a Halloween Zoom Party because it is a way to bring family and friends together for some Halloween fun. Here is what we are going to do.

Halloween Costume Sharing: We are asking all our family and friends to wear Halloween costumes and be able to share something about the costume and character they are depicting. For example, my daughter, going as Elsa from Frozen, will share a piece of Elsa’s song and my son, who is going as a Ninja turtle will show some of his ninja moves. This comes so naturally for kids and I love the idea of asking adults to get out of their comfort zone and be silly with their family and friends. (Verdict is still out on my costume!)

Halloween Games: We will be playing a short Pictionary game with family and friends using the white board!

Halloween Treat Share: We are asking the group to come with a special Halloween treat and share the treat with the group and put the recipe in a google document.

Halloween Craft: I am planning to send out via mail a cute craft of two for the group to do online together and share their product!

Part Two: Halloween Family Party

On Halloween, I plan to have a family party for my kids. The first part of the party will be supplied by Oriental Trading company. I bought a Zombie bowling game, a Pumpkin bean bag toss, and a spoon and eyeball balance game. I am hoping to spread the games out in the living room and have all of the family members play. After we play all of the games, I plan to have a skeleton scavenger hunt. Each of the bones of the skeleton is matched up with a clue and there will be a piece of candy for each kid in each location. As the kids collect the bones, they will also collect their Halloween candy.

Finally, we plan to set up a family movie night with one of the following movies: Spookley the Square Pumpkin, Room on a Broom or Monsters Inc.

I hope that you are able to make Halloween fun, safe and special for your families too. I am excited at the idea of re-creating some of our traditions and including a wider range of family and friends in our celebration through Zoom!

What are you all doing for Halloween this year?

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