Experimenting With the AeroGarden

It has been a number of months that we have had the Aerogarden and most of our plants have grown beautifully, despite my attempts to harvest (which end up being more like bad haircuts). For the dill, I trimmed more than one third of the plant and unfortunately killed it. For the parsley, I am honestly not entirely sure what happened but it seemed to stop yielding new growth. Maybe I didn’t trim it enough? The Basil, Thai Basil and Mint grew voluminously. They grew so much that the Aerogarden needed watering quite frequently and you could hear it start to gurgle as the water became low. Knowing that it certainly could not continue to thrive forever in the tiny Aerogarden, I decided to try to transplant my lovely plants into the garden.

Those of you that have been following know that I live in Minnesota, which is not known for its’ long growing season. In fact, my son woke up last week and said “It’s winter” when he felt the cold air stirring outside. Truthfully it was quite cold and that coupled with the start of the unusual traditional school year felt a bit overwhelming for the week. Despite these set backs, I decided to plant the herbs into our newly created vegetable garden, which has been yielding a wide array of tomatoes, eggplants and green peppers.

I know that realistically the Thai Basil which is used to warmer weather than MN will likely not make it, but I am hoping that the hearty mint might thrive for a bit longer and even might come back next year. The amazing part of the whole project is the root systems that were grown in the Aerograden where quite phenomenal! We will see how they do in the soil where they have more room to thrive!

We are also transplanting ourselves into a new school year. Although we started homeschooling over a month ago, the start to the traditional school year has reminded me of how much we are really doing amidst this unusual year. We have so many new ventures growing around us, our jobs are quite different than they were a year ago with so much digital focus and our lives have shifted to this new normal. I am hoping that we are able to see the positives in each day despite the challenges and embrace this new environment so we, too and can continue to grow.

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