Make Your Own Ice Cream Cake

I am not an amazing cook; I am learning slowly but surely. I am, however, quite good at making desserts. This year, my family wanted me to try to make an ice cream cake. So I decided to give it a whirl. Normally we head over to Dairy Queen to get ourselves a delicious ice cream creation– but I decided this year to try myself.

I took a bread pan that I use typically for making Banana Bread and Filled the bottom with one flavor of ice cream. I took up about a quarter of the pan. It was helpful to let the ice cream sit out just a bit to get melty before spreading the layers in the pan. In that way it spread very easily and was no trouble whatsoever! Then I melted some hot fudge in the jar in the microwave and spread it out over the layer of ice cream that I created. I food processed some Oreo cookies to make cookie crumbles. Rather than using the entire Oreo, I took just the cookie part and save the other half for the kids! I used about 10 Oreos to make the cookie crumbles. After food processing the cookies, I simply spread them out over the fudge layer. Finally I took another flavor of ice cream and put another layer of ice cream on top. I covered it and put it in the freezer to get more solid!

When I was ready to serve the cake, I made homemade whipped cream in the Food Processor again. I used about 3/4 of a cup of sugar and 1 container of heavy whipping cream as well as a teaspoon of vanilla flavoring. I added the sugar slowly until I was happy with the flavor.

I added the homemade whipped cream to the top of the cake. As I did not have the right icing to write a message on the top of the cake, I used some chocolate sauce and swirled it around with a knife to get a pretty design! It was incredibly easy and the kids liked it even better than the Dairy Queen version. The kids told me they would each like to have one for their respective birthdays! I think that is a win!

The sweetness of being home and with my family more is that I get to try things like this that I never would have previously tried. I love the chance to rethink how I operate in life and the opportunity to try new things. What are you trying that is new this year?

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