What have you done in hibernation?

I was asked this question by a gentleman not long ago and chuckled. It was a good reminder that covid has been a time of hibernation for so many. And, there are challenges that come with being alone and staying home.

For me, and my family, COVID has been exactly the opposite. I am insanely busy trying to balance working from home, kids who are now in homeschooling mode and family life in an intergenerational space.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t dream of having it any other way, but I had to chuckle at the thought of this being hibernating.

There are times, more often than not that I have all three kids climbing on me, forgetting that I am a human and instead using me like the jungle gym they cannot go to visit in pandemic. And, at times, I am, like many pandemic moms, I’m sure, desperately seeking a space, a bit of quiet or even a moment of alone time.

I used to be better about setting aside some “me” time, a chance to just have a break…but for the last six months I don’t think any of us have had that space for self-care.

So, I’m trying to decide, what should my self care be? How should I make space and what does that look like in pandemic while working with three kids?

Are you in hibernation or on overdrive? What do you need to be able to take care if you? What is your self-care go to?

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