Homeschooling- Here We Go!

Last week we started homeschooling. That is right. I am now officially an accredited homeschool. I filed all the paperwork, created my educational philosophy and methods, chose my curricula (which arrived a while ago) and figured out a plan for implementing the curricula and started. So, that is that. I am a homeschool. It still feels quite surreal.

Week one went pretty well. I was amazed at how excited my 7 year old was to start. Prior to this pandemic, she attended a private school (which we loved), but because we have so many high risk people in our household and because I like certainty in a year that hasn’t allowed for much, we decided homeschooling was our personal best option. On the first day, without my prompting, my 7 year old arrived at her desk fully in her uniform ready to start the day. We took official school first day pictures and dove right into the curricula.

You might ask– why start now? Well, I am working full-time and so, I need to make sure that I am not short changing anything or anyone. So we started early knowing that some days just wouldn’t work and that will be okay. We will have extra time if we start early and make sure we get all the work done (for us both).

I am reflecting on how lucky we are to be in a multi-generational living situation. With the support of two retired school teachers (my parents) in our midst who love kids, I feel really blessed to be able to choose this option. I know that finding an option that works for people is a struggle because it just feels like no option is ideal right now. But I am filled with gratitude that my kids are young enough that they are amenable to change and excited about it. They love to be with us and they have each other to play with right now– when play dates are non-existent for us and virtual meetups are all that we have!

Judging by last week, I think this homeschooling is totally do-able. (I am half cheering myself on and half convincing myself as I say that.) I feel blessed to have a child who loves being taught, loves to read and wants to be with me whenever we have time.

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