If A Tree Falls…

Pandemic. There are so many stressful pieces of pandemic. Since so many of my household members are in the high-risk category, we are really limiting our interactions with people and trying to find ways to entertain ourselves. One positive is that I am doing things I might not otherwise would have tried. It is not just me, it is also my husband and parents are who stepping outside our comfort zones and trying new hobbies.

As you know, I am gardening a bit- which is new territory for me. My Dad is writing a play. My husband is building the garden. My mom is constructing an outdoor herb garden and readying plants for the gardens. I am writing children’s books, creating a YouTube channel, podcast and blogging. The point is, we are all trying new things because we are stuck and home and any extra time that we might have spent exploring the zoo or visiting the lake, we are putting into our newfound hobbies. So that is the context in which this post is written.

So this happened. My husband, let me start again, my accountant-trained husband decided he needed to cut down a tree. Yup, a tree. A big one. One might ask, what qualifications does he have to do such things? The answer is none. He has no qualifications for such things. But I’ll tell you what he does have. He has an outfit. A bright orange, very official looking outfit, tutorials on YouTube and understanding of math and physics.

Was I nervous. Yes. Did I think he was crazy? Yes. Did he show me a drawing of why math says it should work. Yes. Did that help. No.

At the end of the day, we all stood and watched in awe as he fastidiously followed the YouTube video and and put the huge tree down exactly where he said it should go. I have to say, I am impressed. I think he is discovering a new part of himself that loves the outdoors. Between cutting down this tree and building our two new garden beds of stone, I feel like after 10 years of marriage, I am learning another side of my husband.

It is interesting to notice that in the midst of this strange time, we are uprooting all different kinds of practices that we once and and sowing seeds in new ways. I am curious to see what growth will come from all of this creativity.

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