Counting My Blessings

I am wondering if the flowers were as beautiful last year. This year, I seem to have focused more on them. Maybe because my family is trying hard to stay put and life seems a bit simpler. Maybe I have had more time to be able to walk about the grounds when usually I am worried about transporting my kids in different directions. Whatever the reason, I am grateful that in the midst of all that is going on in 2020 that I have been blessed with an opportunity to slow down in so many ways, to appreciate my surroundings and to have more time with my children. Yes, it gets crazy when I am trying to work, homeschool and be a mom, but I appreciate that I have had a better work/life balance without my commute. And, with a small baby at home, it is wonderful to be able to nurse her rather than pumping. I never would have been able to be home with her this long if it weren’t for the uniqueness of this year. I know this year has been hard, and I want to make sure not to minimize the tragedy around us. But for me, I have been blessed with a chance to be deep in thought, to reassess my priorities and to reimagine how I work, what I do and to respond to that. For that I am grateful.

I mentioned how beautiful the grounds of our house are. Throughout the spring and summer it feels like there is a continuous show of beauty in different plant blooming. First we have the gorgeous flowering ornamental crab apple trees that appear gloriously every other year. They are followed by the lilac bushes, and the tree in front of our house. I have no idea what that tree is…but it is phenomenal when it is in bloom. There are a myriad of other plants and flowers that show up. Some of them I recognize like peonies, hostas and bleeding hearts and others I have absolutely no idea what they are called. Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago that show some of the natural splendor around us.

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