Connecting to School Through the Dirt

My 5 year old son’s preschool teachers sent him some seeds. Marigold seeds. I hear marigolds are hearty– kind of like my little guy. He is full of personality, runs and does not seem to know how to walk anywhere and enjoys getting dirty and playing the mud. Marigolds are the perfect thing for him to plant. So we started our science lesson with learning about how plants grow and planting marigolds. We even threw in a little information about the water cycle. We planted about 20 cups of marigolds. We threw a bunch of seeds in each cup hoping that at least one would sprout and grow. Successful plan for a fun afternoon of teaching, learning and hands on science.

This picture is a few days after the marigolds were planted. As you can see quite a success. When they get a little bigger we will transplant them outside!

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