Uprooting Life

So I have been reading all about plants. I figure if I am going to be a gardener and figure out how to live off the land, or just grow a tomato, I am going to have to learn something about plants in general. We have lots of hastas and lillies on our property. So I started there, watching videos about them. So I learned that they multiply each year and it turns out I was probably supposed to cut them back a bit so they don’t get out of control. Whoops, mental note for next year. Apparently, one can divide them in half and they will still grow. So, I tried an experiment. There was one lily growing in an odd spot. I took a garden hoe and dug it up and cut the entire thing in half and planted each in a pot in the front of my door. I understand it likely won’t come up year after year, but I thought it would be cool to see if it worked. And, bonus, I wouldn’t have to buy two plants for the outside of my house. So here is a picture of the potted plant. I added a little bit of extra soil and watered the really well and so far so good.

It reminds me of how we all uprooted our lives on the East Coast and came here to Minnesota. In doing so, my parents have been able to be this amazing fixture in my children’s lives and my children had the opportunity to meet and get to know their great grandmother and to be exposed to an individual with serious dementia. All in all despite the ups and downs and learning curve of living in a household with many generations, our transplant has worked well. I hope this one does too.

We shall see if it works and they bloom. In the meanwhile, I am feeling quite accomplished with my newly found green thumb!

This picture is about a month after they were planted outside the house. As you can see the flowers bloomed beautifully and look nice and full in the pots! Success!

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